Free Maricon Montajes!


The youth and its idealism have and continue to play important roles in moving for social change. Renato Constantino has described this sector of our society as not only mere products of the current social order, but it has also become the anti-thesis of such. And now, with the ever worsening economic, political and cultural crises, the youth, together with other sectors, continue to struggle for genuine change in the society.

Maricon Montajes, like many of the youth today, have not only become students inside the four walls of a classroom, but have also become students of this society. She is one of many who chose to offer her intellect and talents to uplift the situation of the poor. It is only in deeply understanding the plight of the poor we can truly champion their democratic rights and keep our hopes for a better future alive.

The reactionary government, instead of solving the current crises by uplifting the social status of its people, has used fascism to silence anyone who attempts to move for social change. It also uses schemes in order to maintain the current social order, where the elite class dominates both the economic and political scene in the country.

Maricon and other people similar to her, who have the purest of intentions to truly serve their fellow countrymen, have been constant targets of anti-insurgency programs. Maricon, along with Ronilo and Romiel, were illegally arrested while visiting a peasant community in Taysan, Batangas. They were taken into custody by military personnel and were transported to a military camp where they were detained for five days. But because of the strong assertion of their parents, they have been transferred to the Batangas Provincial Jail where they are currently detained.

They have been charged with Illegal Possession of Explosives, Violation of Fire Arm Ban/Violation of Omnibus Election Code Category P and Q, and Illegal Possession of Fire Arms and Ammunition. The battle in court continues in the succeeding months.

The state, with its paranoia of rebels, have mindlessly targeted innocent civilians and tagged them as enemies of the state, vulnerable to any forms of attack and human rights violations. It is in these crimes against the people that we can expose the true character of the government and of whose interests it willingly serves.

It is clear from the facts that the arrest and detention of Maricon and her companions are clear violations of their human rights. We believe that these violations should be condemned so as to uphold and protect every Filipino citizen’s rights.

We strongly urge the Aquino administration to fulfill its promise of releasing all political detainees if it is indeed sincere in serving the interest of the Filipino people and will truly strive for genuine social change.


We call on the collective strength of the youth, as well as the other members of this society, to call for the immediate release of Maricon Montajes and other political prisoners. It is in this way that we can assure that our rights as humans and citizens are protected and upheld.


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