Last Walk

-Roma Tarranza

I realized just now how you have the affinity for walking, Alex. How, when it comes to parting, after eating dinner and discussing things, you will persuade people to walk an equally jeep-able walk not thinking of whether it was a deserted 2 in the morning or whether we were slithering on notorious roads.

Was it an attempt on health consciousness or a test on your endurance? Perhaps a kilometer or two would strengthen calf muscles? A few breaths of city air would cleanse the lungs? A study on whether a couple of blocks can replace coffee when you want to get back to lucid-ness after downing a 7.5% German beer? Or was it to buy time to do a few minutes of catching-up?

I will never know. But apparently you have the affinity for walking. On notorious roads. And I don’t.

So when I walked your last walk with you last night, I never knew your ultimate idea of notorious roads were of creeky elevators and dingy hospital halls at a 4 am cold September morning with Rustum holding my hand and you lifeless in that stretcher. I was silently cursing the universe.

And you, Alex, you were perhaps smiling.

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