Alice in Wonderland cries and creates
a sea of tears,
where she swims and meets a Mouse
and other animals.
They later meet on the bank
and talk about how to dry themselves —
whereupon the Mouse gives them a very dry lecture
on William the Conqueror.
A Dodo decides drying themselves
would take a Caucus-Race
in which everyone runs in a circle.
Pebbles turn into cakes.
Babies turn into pigs.
Flamingos are used as mallets,
hedgehogs are used as balls,
in a croquet game.
A Mock Turtle is so very sad
though he has no sorrow.

In another land Juan Tamad becomes president.
An ousted and convicted plunderer
is pardoned and permitted to run again for the helm,
placing second in the race.
A deceased dictator’s wife and children,
bent on bringing back the good old days,
are all on the road back to power —
and they’re not encountering humps and potholes.
And clowns and blood-drainers
are tasked with making laws.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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