Sleeping Man

-Mark Angeles 


To find you wilted

like a lettuce in your red

shirt does not diminish

the color of blood

that had seeped

out of that bullet hole

on your temple.


It seems to me your thoughts

quivered like the spray

of blood which scampered

away like ants at the locker

where you lay. Your faint

sighs still resonate: leaves

of a tree bursting into flames.


You closed your eyes

as if you were dreaming

of the halcyon days. (They seared

at the guided blow of the gun.)


Did you see the brightness

of transgression before

you gained the virtue of death?


Through you—

(sleeping until forever),

beauty is soaked

in the sadness of finality.


Show me a smile then

when the greedy

are gone.

-ang nasa larawan ay isa sa mga biktima ng holdapan/masaker sa RCBC bank.. kuha ng SOCO.

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