On the day the country commemorates the declaration of martial law, artists and human rights advocates cried “censorship” over the banning for public exhibition of a collection of short films on human rights.

The collection called Rights gathered young independent filmmakers and human rights advocates to do vignettes on the human rights situation in the Philippines. It was produced by the Free Jonas Burgos Movement, Desaparecidos, Karapatan and the the Southern Luzon Exposure.

The collection was intended to be aired over local television as advertorials. It was scheduled for premiere screening at the IndieSine in Robinson’s Galleria on Saturday, September 22.

The MTRCB said the scenes in the collection “are presented unfairly, one-sided, and undermines the faith and confidence of the government and duly constituted authorities, thus, not for public exhibition.”

–ABS CBN Interactive

The Disappeared by Anna Isabelle Matutina

More videos after the jump.

Good News by Pam Miras
Ignorante by Jon Red

Adeliza by Kiri Dalena

Definiton # 1 by JL Burgos

Ikaw by VTagaro

Lost and Found by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Bangka o Eroplano by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Where is Jonas

Tanga by Paolo Villaluna

Juan, Takbo by Anna Isabelle Matutina

Unang Araw by King Catoy

Karne by Sigfreid Barros Sanchez

11 thoughts on “RIGHTS

  1. bakulaw, unga bat wala kang short dun sa collection?

    era,sige papakiusapan ko yung resident techi ng km64 para gumawa ng downloadable.

    lyn o, nakita ko yung multiply mo, musta na ang tagaytay 5?

  2. nawawalan din ako…….
    naghahanap din ako……………
    gusto ko sanang makisabay sa paghahanap kay JJBurgos…..
    naiisip ko kasing nawawalan ng direksyon at balangkas ang paghahanap ko na ako lang…..

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