Southern Tagalog Exposure and the Free Jonas Burgos Movement, in cooperation with the Independent Filmmakers
Cooperative, invite you to:

SHOOTING DISQUIET AND RAGE: Transgression and Transformation in Philippine Cinema after the First Quarter Storm.
September 21, 2007, Friday Indie Sine, Robinsons Galleria, Cinema 3
Forum: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Free screening: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

The event will include a forum that aims to discuss the motivations and experiences of the earlier generation of artists who radicalized filmmaking during the Marcos dictatorship. It also aims to present the state and direction of today’s independent filmmakers in the light of continuing and emerging social and political issues. Invited speakers are Boni Ilagan, Behn Cervantes, Risa Jopson, and Raymond Red, with performances by Cynthia Alexander, KM64, and Bobby Balingit.

This day will also mark the launch of the series of public service advertisements on human rights produced by various independent filmmakers, namely: Paolo Villaluna, Kiri Dalena, King Catoy, Pam Miras, JL Burgos, Nino Tagaro, Sigrid Bernardo, John Torres and Jon Red.

At 7pm , there will be a free screening of the film SAKADA. Produced by Sagisag Films and directed by the indefatigable film and theatre giant, Behn Cervantes, Sakada is a triumph in Philippine Cinema, having been produced at the height of the Marcos dictatorship. After a few screenings, however, copies of the film were confiscated and the film was banned.


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